15th District Court
Online Case Review

Ann Arbor, MI

What are the benefits of Online Case Review?

Itís free and you can do it at your convenience from home, work, school on your phone, tablet or computer.

Online Plea? It is a way to have the court review your plea of guilty without having to come to court for a pretrial or trial. The court will make decisions about your case using the same considerations as they would in person or by mailing in a plea form. The offer the court extends through this website is the same offer you would receive in court. It simply takes place through this website.

What is "Ability to Pay" for? If you have a misdemeanor case that you owe money on, and you are having trouble paying, click "Ability to Pay." First search for your case or cases. Next, you'll answer some questions about your financial situation. This will help the court determine your eligibility for a payment extension and get outstanding legal issues behind you.

Warrant? If you have an outstanding warrant, you can submit a request for the court to review your case. If eligible, the court will send you information on what you need to do in order for the warrant to be cancelled. Please note, if you are searching by case number, the case number must match exactly as the court has in their records. If you do not know your exact case number contact the court.

How is it different online than in court?

Itís not. Thereís a real judge and law enforcement officer on the other side, making decisions about your case based on the same criteria they would if you went to court. It just takes place through this website.

Why does the court allow online case review?

Everyone makes mistakes. If you have a good driving record, the judge and police officer may be willing to give you a lesser charge that does not add points to your license. If you have an outstanding warrant, the court has made this site available to help guide you to take care of your obligations.